Right now, it is a “stock-taking” time, whether active or passive, we have to face this test question: In the past year is how came the next year, but also how to face? In this era of competition to fall behind, who can no longer perfunctory examination of this question, because it means giving up their perfunctory future.

From the one, to this issue, we saw a group of marketing managers ── our fellow travelers pictorial work. While each person’s situation is different, but these experiences and reflections, you can feel is their assiduous work performance.

The pursuit of performance, every marketing person trying to progress common features, even, this is a necessary condition for today’s marketing manager to settle down. But the pursuit does not mean you can get, so “the performance come from”, it has become a matter of important proposition future.

Get the sales target for the new year, consider the market gap, regional capacity, growth potential and other factors, according to region, sales, dealers decompose it, then follow the progress of the program evaluation, supervision, it is reasonable usual program, but also ” Earth people know “approach. But then what? Differences in performance, usually produced in the “then” at home.

What is the performance? Performance is the sales target it? Not! Intuitively, the performance consists of two parts of “performance” and “effect”: the former represents the completion of performance or sales targets; the latter indicating the completion of performance efficiency, that is, how much to spend resources ── time, money , manpower, and so on. This measure, even if the final completion of the same indicators, the difference in investment of resources, but also determines the performance of a huge difference.

Under this understanding, to achieve outstanding performance, limited sales efforts on the elusive. Marketing managers need to do is to escape from the simple “index performer” role out, starting from its management role, and strive to become an “effective” marketing manager, to maximize use of resources. Because of this change, for the creation of fundamental and sustained performance driven; marketing manager for its part, is a reborn progress.

How to achieve this change? Fortunately, in the understanding and methods, we are not out of nowhere. Management guru Peter. Drucker in his classic “The Effective Executive,” a book has been pointed out to us the transformation of the Road:

  1. Effective managers know to use their time where it is possible to do it really should do their own things contribute.
  2. Effective managers pay attention to the contribution of their work for results, rather than work for the job.
  3. Effective managers are good at full play to people’s strengths, whether it is their own, subordinates or superiors.
  4. Effective managers are good at focus, in order of importance rather than pressure determine the work order, to ensure a sense of urgency.
  5. Effective managers must be able to make effective decisions, correctly define issues and programs, so that decisions can be implemented.

The change of the road, each of which is in close contact with our daily work, but directed at the ultimate pursuit of our output ── performance. In this issue, we can also see some reflection and discussion related to this, in the “execution of the fairy tale”, in the “Why do you no good subordinates”, in the “performance: outside of results and processes”.  Of course, this process of change can certainly be hard to change yourself is not easy, the unity of knowledge has always been the challenge, under the pressures and temptations of reality, the need to uphold and courage. However, it is responsible for their own future.