Feather Flag advertising strategic focus

Nothing is prepared, no do not widowed. “The essence of it translated into the language of today’s business, which means: the face of competition, companies which should gather resources, on one point, evasive, there are more chances of winning in this regard was undoubtedly the most classic case of Shulei P & G’s terminal block. then Shulei challenge P & G, P & G was spotted on a terminal Feather Flag advertising “strength”, concentrated force to the terminal block. Shulei tasted the sweetness, this model quickly enlarge, inadvertently Shu Lei became a daily chemical industry, a dark horse, Procter & Gamble sold more than once, so let known as the “godfather of the brand,” said P & G restless, so Shulei marketing innovation praiseworthy.

However, Shulei it is only short-lived, after struggling not to promote not pin. With P & G counterattack efforts to enhance Shulei business is worse, a success story suddenly became a negative example between. If a closer look from the perspective of the business model is not difficult to find, Shulei indeed somewhat inevitable failure.

Shulei evasive tactics of the terminal block, beginning not amount to anything, in Procter & Gamble’s eyes, is the industry Shulei at most a small spoiler from the eyes, it is this effect to the Shulei a chance, but That does not mean end it really is P & G’s weakness. When Shulei achieve explosive growth, transformed into a challenger from the spoiler, Procter & Gamble under pressure to hit back at the front, Shulei actually vulnerable, it also reflects the terminal is not P & G’s weakness. Shulei the temporary tactical success as a business development support Feather Flag advertising strategic model, the outcome of failure is inevitable. […]