Retractable Banner Stands as major tools for international bag branding

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PORTER brand, competition, from brand trademark in 2004, decided to work together to expand the global market with retractable banner stands, PORTER INTERNATIONAL becomes Yoshida PORTER package, expand the third partner in America and China market. With the trademark dispute was basically settled, product and brand design has always been simple low-key style, to obtain the identity of the young consumer market.

PORTER INTERNATIONAL, return to the design and brand essence, in order to narrow the distance between the brand and the consumer, specifically with The British Art Institute (Saint Martins College of Art and Design) cooperation "MY BAG" design activities, so that consumers begin to draw their own ideal package shall prize winning entry will become the new season PORTER merchandise.
PORTER INTERNATIONAL, the America agents Shang Liguo International Marketing Assistant Manager Zhu Yijing said, "MY BAG" interactive creative exhibition initiated by Ben Hughes, director of the Institute of Industrial Design at St. Martin's College of Art, two years ago, to New York from London, roving , Milan, and select NY to become active endpoint.

The pain and the gain of EeePC in challenging the technological limit

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The appearance rigorous engineers, in fact, unlike seem less formal glasses under the endless creativity, coupled with his execution, making this year Asus consecutive pay ten transcripts, however all and he's the best coach (coach) Shih, Xie Weiqi in the side of the "guidance" related, but also shows that Caine if rock-solid ASUS quality culture shaping process. The following article presents an interview with Asus CEO Jerry Shen minutes.

Innovation found Chi asked (hereinafter referred to as Q): Mr. Shih and you work with background?

Jerry Shen, A (hereinafter referred to as A): He is 20 years of cooperation Executive, when Acer, when senior engineer, he served as vice president, he will call came to me to talk to the computer architecture. Asus when the old building, the one on the second floor, one on the third floor, and before every floor, we are also telephone inside can talk about more than one hours, for example, talk about the quality of the signal, EMI, materials science, or even talk about the theory of relativity! Now, he was on the 16th floor, on the 5th floor or so.

Q: The two of you have in common?
A: Mr. Shi like technology, I am also a similar background in. Just go to Acer, within six months to get the whole system cooked, a newcomer in the outside world, it may take 2-3 years to put flat, this is the reason why he told me impressed. My daily work time is fairly long, about 15-16 hours before Acer, 8:00 into the company, the last one closed walk, go home and continue to do; even for six months, every day at 9:00 in the morning to do 14:00. And he very much like Shichang (incumbent chairman of ASRock) also opened my joke, how someone can put 70 timing diagram (each circuit, wave type) are recorded in the brain inside.

Retractable Banner Stands wholesale manufacturer

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The chain the 3C path competition from price extends to sensibility? The face of the opening quarter, the national electronic beat buy home appliances the installments can sponsor tuition; 3C store Tsann and World Vision America, emphasizing the consumer to help poor children to go to school, to snatch the opening of electronic appliances market.

Chain stores 3C competition trafficking standardized commodity, often into a price war, while the country the electronic First get rid of a rational appeal, banner stands advertising instead close to the man in the street mood, so that consumers recognize the value of the national electronic